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Colorful Threads


Textile and clothing repair, mending and darning services.

"Whatever you are, be a good one"

Abraham Lincoln


As a sustainability focused mending and repair business, I want to help extend the life of your clothes. By mending our clothes we help show respect to those who grew and wove the fibers, and then formed them into something that protects us, serves as self-expression and is an integral part of our every day lives. The value of mending is not just in the cost of the product, but the ripple effect continuing to keeping a garment in use versus casting it aside to buy new can have on our planet and the people who make it.

" Our clothes take care of us. They are our protective shell, our second skin, or closest embrace. They encircle us gently and keep us dry, warm, and cozy. Because of this job well done, even the cheapest of clothes are deserving of our care and attention when they break."

Nina and Sonya Montenegro, Mindful Mending

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